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A January World

It takes all kinds

3:10 to yuma, 80's cartoons, aaron paul, actors, al swearengen, alma garret, andrew lincoln, animals, astrology, award shows, babes in toyland, bethany joy lenz, biographies, birds, books, breaking bad, brokeback mountain, cats, charlie hunnam, children's books, christian bale, chvrches, cocteau twins, compassion, cover songs, dahlias, dan evans, danneel ackles, david milch, deadwood, dean winchester, democrats, dogs, donnie darko, eddie vedder, emma goldman, erica durance, ezra koenig, feminism, feminist literature, freaks and geeks, friday night lights, friends, gale harold, game of thrones, gardening, giancarlo esposito, heath ledger, helping others, historical fiction, humane society, ian mcshane, infps, introverts, james lafferty, james mangold, jennifer connelly, jensen ackles, jesse pinkman, judy blume, justin hartley, kat bjelland, kathleen hanna, kristin kreuk, labyrinth, lana del rey, lana lang, laura ingalls wilder, learning, liberals, librarians, libraries, lindsey mckeon, lionel luthor, little house, m83, mandy moore, michael pitt, michelle williams, mike vogel, molly parker, movies, music, natalie dormer, nature, news, nonfiction, norman reedus, numerology, one tree hill, passion pit, peace, pearl jam, politics, pro-choice, progressives, psychology, rachel gatina, reading, return to oz, rob zombie, sarah jones, seth bullock, she-ra, shyness, six feet under, smallville, sons of anarchy, soundtracks, supernatural, sylvia browne, the desert, the handmaid's tale, the knife, the neverending story, the walking dead, timothy olyphant, tom waits, tom welling, tori amos, traveling, tv, vampire weekend, veronica mars, vince gilligan, westerns, wildlife, winter, women's history, women's studies, writing, zach gilford